Juhi sets out to deceive Avni in Naamkarann


Neil gets to see Juhi in front of him and gets a huge shock. He realizes he loves Avni and his heart has moved on. He acknowledges his feelings for Avni. He doesn’t want his past to affect his present. Avni wants to know about Juhi from Neil. Neil finds hard to tell her that her friend Meher is actually Juhi. Dayavanti fakes Ali’s death to force Avni into coming in Rang Mahal. Dayavanti plans a worse life for Avni. Her hatred for Avni gets on increasing with each passing moment.

Dayavanti keeps planning to get Avni kidnapped by some way. Ali tries to escape from Rang Mahal. He wants to meet Avni and clear all the misunderstandings planted by Dayavanti. Ali gets determined to save Avni from Aman. Dayavanti fills dreams in Juhi’s life. She tells Juhi that she can return to her old life if she traps Avni in her place. Juhi falls weak after seeing Neil. She desperately wants Neil back in her life. Juhi gets ready to do anything to get her freedom and achieve her love Neil again. Will Juhi deceive Avni? Keep reading.



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