Sameer ends ties with Bhairavi in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar gets angry on Bhairavi and takes a trishul to kill her. Simar’s patience has broken. She tells Bhairavi that her game is over now, she wanted to turn her house into a graveyard, but now she will be going to graveyard. Bhairavi threatens Simar about Sanjana. She tells Simar that she shouldn’t celebrate victory before time, Sanjana will die in some time. Simar asks Bhairavi where is Sanjana. Bhairavi says you have sent her to Sameer, I have planted a bomb in that house where Sameer and Sanjana are going to start a new life. Simar and entire family run to save Sanjana.

Bhairavi says they won’t be able to reach on time, everyone will die. Simar gets Sanjana safely and worries knowing Sameer was trapped inside the house. After the blast, they conclude Sameer has died. Everyone returns home. Simar slaps Bhairavi and asks her to atleast think of her son, she has risked Sameer’s life as well. She tells Bhairavi that she has taken Sameer’s life. Bhairavi gets a huge shock and can’t accept that she has lost Sameer forever. She goes to commit suicide, but Sameer stops her. Bhairavi gets glad seeing Sameer alive. Sameer tells Bhairavi that Sanjana has saved his life when he got stuck in the house. Sameer is heartbroken by Bhairavi’s move. He calls Simar as his mum, and refuses to accept Bhairavi, which breaks her down.


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