Pragya and Munni join hands in Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya confronts Abhi and the family for forgetting her so soon and moving on. Abhi and entire family receive a huge shock on seeing the real Pragya back. Pragya asks Abhi was her love so weak that he has got remarried in such a short span. Pragya asks Abhi if her love was one sided. She gets upset that Abhi didn’t keep any marriage vows. She reminds Abhi what all she has done for him till now, she has always been loyal and dedicated to him. Pragya’s confrontation turns out to be her dream.

Munni gets helpless to cheat Abhi. She doesn’t know how to lie to Abhi now. She feels sorry to cheat Abhi in the temple and doing puja with him, by lying that she is Pragya. She apologizes to Lord, and prays that Abhi gets Pragya in his life. She doesn’t want to support Aaliya and Tanu. She feels Abhi will be looted forever, and then he will realize the truth. Munni tells Pragya about Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya demands for the evidences. She threatens Munni that she will come home and expose her. Aaliya and Tanu doubt on Munni. Munni’s jokes anger Aaliya. Pragya feels maybe Munni is lying to her. She fears for Abhi’s life. Abhi romances Munni. Munni stays away and thinks of taking the documents to show Pragya as evidence. Munni and Pragya will get together and fight against Aaliya to save Abhi.


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