Ali fears for Avni’s life in Naamkarann


Avni learns Juhi is alive. She doesn’t know what to tell Neil about Juhi. Neil decides to share his feelings with Avni. Neil meets Shweta and tells her that he has realized his love for Avni. Avni meets DD and tells him that she has found about Neil’s love Juhi. Shweta gets a shock knowing Neil’s feelings. Neil understands life has no guarantee and he can’t hide his feelings for her. Avni asks DD about Juhi’s death, whatever happened that day. DD tells her how Juhi died by his mistake. Avni has no proof that Juhi is alive. She doesn’t think about revealing this to DD and Neil.

Neil and Shweta have an emotional talk. He tells Shweta that he is moving on in life and wants Shweta to be happy with Avni. Neil tells Shweta that he called her to share his feelings with her first than telling this to Avni, so that his family stays united. Shweta tells him that she hates Avni. Avni tells DD that Meher is Juhi. DD feels Juhi would meet Neil and take her help if she was alive. He tells her that Meher would be someone else. Avni feels Neil still loves Juhi. She decides to find Juhi for Neil’s sake. Dayavanti tells her plan to Ali, raging him more. Ali curses her for her evil doings. Dayavanti calls Juhi and asks her to go and get Avni to Rang Mahal. Juhi contacts Avni and asks her to meet her to know about Ali. Avni agrees to meet Juhi for Ali and Neil’s sake. Ali fears for Avni’s life.



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