Kanak happy with Uma’s change in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Kanak is changing Uma gradually. Kanak is very happy seeing the changes in him. Uma and Kanak take Shiv along and go for a walk to the market. They enjoy the icecreams on the way. Uma lets Kanak stay as she wants. Kanak’s efforts are paying off. Uma has changed his attire. He dresses as Kanak wants. Kanak’s dream come true. Uma and Kanak ride on a cycle and enjoy. Uma tells her that she can go out alone, there is no need to take Shiv always.

Uma sees a woman hurt and tells her that he will treat her, going against his old traditions. Kanak and Uma go for a movie. Kanak sees Suman in market. Suman meets a guy. Suman gets tensed seeing Kanak and denies to know the guy. Kanak doubts on her and asks Suman to come along. Kanak hears Uma buying a tablet for her and gets much happy that he is doing all this for her. Kanak thanks Uma for thinking for her and shakes hands with him. Uma gets glad seeing her so happy.


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