Ruhi develops hatred for Nikhil in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi feels sad knowing Nikhil has taken money and didn’t value their relation. Raman pleases Ishita by gifting her. Shagun meets Ishita and asks her to come along for meeting Pooja. They meet Pooja, and see Pooja’s sister’s pic. Shagun tells Ishita that she knows this girl. She tells her about Sujata’s bad past. Ishita tells Shagun that Nikhil was behind Sujata’s state. Shagun tells Ishita that Nikhil was not Sujata’s boyfriend. Ishita learns Nikhil’s innocence. Shagun tells Ishita that Pooja has left Nikhil because of his involvement in Sujata’s matter. She asks Ishita to forget everything, else Raman would get upset. They don’t want Ruhi to get back in the same mess again. Mani and Raman promise an amazing bachelors party for Bala.

Nikhil makes Ruhi away from her, by acting cheap in front of her. Ruhi slaps Nikhil angrily, unaware that he is intentionally doing this. Ruhi turns much upset. Ishita finds Ruhi angry. Ruhi starts hating Nikhil. She realizes she has made a wrong choice again. Ishita worries for Ruhi. Ruhi locks herself in the room and sheds tears of regret. Ishita calls Raman to get her help for Ruhi. She fears Ruhi can take any wrong step.


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