Shwetlana foils ShivOmRu’s plan in Ishqbaaz


Shivay, Omru, and their partners plan to catch Shwetlana red handed at the night. Shwetlana gets to see the idol which Omkara and Gauri got home. Gauri teams up with everyone to teach a lesson to Shwetlana. Omkara finds Gauri upset and asks her the reason. Gauri wants him to realize it himself. She wants to know her place in his life. Om senses her sorrow, but doesn’t understand what’s upsetting her. She asks him to leave it, when he can’t understand her feelings. Bhavya and Rudra make a team and help each other. Shwetlana asks Tej to distract his family while she does her work. Tej wishes his family catches her.

Dadi gathers everyone for the family picture. Jhanvi asks Tej to dress up well. Dadi gets emotional seeing him. Tej too feels sorry to lie to the family. The family rejoices some good moments. Everyone keeps an eye on Shwetlana. Shwetlana sees the family busy and goes to get the thing for which she has come in Oberoi mansion. Rudra informs everyone that Shwetlana is eyeing the idol. Shwetlana realizes they are watching her and tricks them. Shwetlana changes her plan. They fail to catch her. Shwetlana learns the keys were duplicate. She goes back to her room as she can’t get her thing by the fake keys. Everyone tries to find any clue related to Shwetlana’s secret. Shwetlana angrily hurts Tej for his family’s mistake. She warns him against helping anyone.

Omkara permits Tej and Shwetlana to stay with them for some days, when Tej tells him about his injury. Shivay asks Gauri not to get ego in between her relation. He asks her to talk to Omkara and stay as Omkara’s wife by all rights. He clears her confusion. He asks her to go out with Omkara. Bhavya tells Rudra that Shwetlana has seen his reflection and changed her plan. She calls it his mistake. They argue. Dadi fears for Tej, who might be in problem and being helpless to stay as Peter. She worries for his injury. Shakti assures her that Shivay and Omru will surely find out Tej’s problems. Pinky wishes to keep a function for Shivay and Anika. Dadi doubts on Pinky’s intentions. Pinky asks Dadi to help her out and convince Shivay. Pinky has a new plan on her mind.


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