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Badho Bahu:
Badho and Lucky practice wrestling. Much happened with their family and now they will be taking revenge. Lucky trains Badho for the Dangal. He is sure that Badho will win the Dangal and make them proud.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira break their Teej fast together. Naira gets glad when he turns up on time. She sights the moon and sees Kartik’s face. Naira does the Teej rituals. Kartik stays annoyed, but breaks her fast. Naira gets emotional. Naira’s Teej puja gets completed. She cries seeing the annoyance on her face. Kirti sees Naksh’s picture in her phone and breaks her fast. She wishes her relation with Naksh always stays fine. Kirti prays for Naksh and her good future.


Girja gets to see Chakor in Banaras and informs Suraj about her. Suraj learns Chakor is in Banaras and is very happy. He tells Tejaswinii that he is going to get Chakor home. Suraj is mad in love and says fate got me here even when Chakor got away, I will convince her to come back. Suraj reaches Banaras along with Imli. Imli is in tension and doesn’t want them to meet. Suraj and Imli are going to meet Chakor. Imli worries seeing Suraj positive.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak is changing Uma gradually. Kanak is very happy seeing the changes in him. Uma and Kanak take Shiv along and go for a walk to the market. They enjoy the icecreams on the way. Uma lets Kanak stay as she wants. Kanak’s efforts are paying off. Uma has changed his attire. He dresses as Kanak wants. Kanak’s dream come true. Uma and Kanak ride on a cycle and enjoy. Uma tells her that she can go out alone, there is no need to take Shiv always.

Saanjh’s grah pravesh happens in Arjun’s house. Jhanvi gifts her ancestral bangles to Saanjh and says now I have just one daughter, that’s you. Saanjh gets worried on finding some gift from Maya.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Dipika learns Piyush’s dancing talent and his dream of becoming a dancer. Dipika and Piyush have an argument. Dipika wants Piyush to participate in dance competition. She tells him that its her dream. Piyush says I will not make myself a joke by dancing in front of the world. She enrolls him in the dance competition and wants his dancing talent to get noticed. She says this is your dream too, I want to fulfill it. He refuses to her.


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