Abhi and Munni’s cute moments in Kumkum Bhagya


Aaliya gets angered on knowing about Purab and Disha. She decides to punish Purab for marrying Disha and moving on in life, even after knowing how much she loves him. She ruins the decorations in their room and gets kerosene. She burns their house in anger to separate them. Purab and Disha get a huge shock on seeing their house on fire. Purab asks Disha not to worry. Disha takes this as a bad sign and worries. Aaliya succeeds in ruining their romance.

Mitali collects news to give Aaliya. She spies on Munni. Munni fools her that Abhi has given her a gift. Abhi and Munni have some cute moments. Abhi promises to always protect her. Abhi asks Munni to help him in making a song tune. Munni tells him that she doesn’t know this. He requests her to help him by making a good coffee, that will make him compose a good tune. Munni starts falling for Abhi. She feels more guilty to cheat him.


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