Soumya to break Harman’s heart in Shakti


Soumya falls in danger. The kidnappers catch her. She tries to fight with the kidnappers. She manages to run away. Balwinder and his dad want to teach her a lesson and kidnap her. They fail to kidnap Soumya. Preeto can do anything to trap Soumya. Soumya sheds tears. She is very much helpless. She has to fill hatred in Harman’s heart for her. She finds this very tough.

Preeto asks Soumya to keep doing what she is doing. Soumya is hurting him and making him hate her. She is reminding Harman that she is a kinner. She is doing all this on Preeto’s saying. She wants to be with Harman, but also wants his life to get better. Harman confronts Soumya for insulting him in front of his friends. Soumya tells him to think of his decision and free her, if he is so ashamed. She tells him that she has done all this to make him realize that they can never be together. She threatens Harman to think what she can do next and breaks his heart.


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