Tejaswini drops her revenge motives in Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi


Tejaswini learns her dad’s truth. She realizes Dharam was very wrong, it was her dad who was a corrupt police officer. Dharam’s good deeds come in front of her. She feels sorry to have revenge in mind and ruin Prem’s life. She calls up Prem. Prem looks for Tejaswini. Tejaswini confirms about her dad’s doings from her uncle. She learns everything and comes home to meet her mum. She tells her that she has done much wrong with Prem, by marrying him with an intention of revenge. Tejaswini feels shattered and angry on herself for being so wrong. Prem reaches her house and gets to hear everything. Tejaswini accepts that she has cheated Prem in love. He feels sad that Tejaswini has betrayed him. Preeti gets happy that Tejaswini and Prem will part ways now.

Tejaswini tells her mum that she will not take any revenge from Dharam and his family. She Her mum asks her how could she forget her revenge in one day, will she not get justice. She tells her mum that her dad was never right, whatever happened with him was because of his bad deeds. Her mum refuses to believe her and slaps her angrily. Tejaswini drops her revenge motives and thinks of telling the entire truth to Prem. Will Prem accept her after knowing the truth? Keep reading.



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