Colors’ Mini Spoilers


There will be much twist. Chakor and Suraj come face to face in the Navratri pandal. Chakor waits to meet Suraj, and know why does he want to kill her by forgetting all their love. She dances in the pandal. Suraj and Imli come there to meet Chakor. Suraj sees Chakor and asks her to stop. Suraj aims the gun at the goon behind Chakor to save her life. Chakor gets mistaken that Suraj has come to kill her, as Imli has alerted her. She gets shocked and runs away. Suraj shouts to her and asks her to stop. Imli is happy as her plan has worked. Imli doesn’t want Suraj and Chakor to meet.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Prem and Simar’s romance will be seen. Prem gifts a beautiful saree to Simar, which has their old memories. He tells Simar that he remembers all the moments when she has worn the saree for this first time. Simar teases him for getting old and fat. She jokes. Prem asks her to always stay happy. Prem compliments Simar. He wanted to revive their old days. Bhairavi comes to call them. She tells them that they have to leave for temple. Prem says I m ready, Simar was busy in getting ready. Bhairavi has a plan to take them to temple.


There is much drama in Chauhan house. The fire alarms ring. Everyone comes out to see the fire. Naina has used smoke to trigger alarms and divert Nandkishore. She does this to help Khyati meet Vishal. Naina also wants Khyati to marry the one she loves. She wants good for her sister in law. She tries to make Khyati run away. Nandkishore thinks Naina is supporting him, when she locks Khyati and Karan in the room. She then makes way for Khyati and Karan to run away and meet Vishal. Nandkishore thinks this is Meghna’s plan. He wants to see how Meghna takes his daughter away. He gets mistaken.


Sanjay Dutt will be appearing in the show to promote his movie Bhoomi. Sanjay will be seen helping Soumya by motivating words. Soumya sits crying thinking of how Balwinder tried to molest her. She asks Lord what’s happening with her, her identity is crushed and now her life is becoming a game. She is upset as world has never respected her. She can’t tolerate that anyone ruins her respect. She feels sorry to hurt Harman. She is fighting with her protector and hurting his heart, as she is helpless. She knows she can’t tell anything to Harman. She feels fallen in a huge dilemma. She doesn’t like lying to Harman.


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