Sarla’s marriage hall to face troubles in Kundali Bhagya


Karan and Preeta portray Rishabh and Sherlyn. They bring an interesting love story. Rishabh doesn’t connect with their fictional story and knows nothing such happened between Sherlyn and him. Preeta thanks Karan for all the help to make the power failure thing coming under control. Karan tells her that he has done this for Rishabh and to pay back her favors. Preeta gets happy when the guests doesn’t realize the candle light arrangements as their plan and like everything. Everyone feels this was Karan and Preeta’s surprise for Rishabh. Sameer and Shrishti fix the fuse on time. Biji praises her granddaughters for turning their failure into a huge success, making everyone feel their move was done deliberately.

Sarla too gains some credit from Biji. The sisters get happy to finish the task well. Sherlyn turns dangerous to tackle Preeta. She comes back with a plan to ruin Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall name. After Kareena’s power failure plan flops, Sherlyn keeps her plans to herself and goes to kitchen to ruin the party food. She gets sure that Preeta can never find a solution for this. Preeta spots Sherlyn and doesn’t doubt the evil plan going on in Sherlyn’s mind. How will Preeta manage to get a back up this time? Keep reading.



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