Ishita learns truth from Rishi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


The women enjoy in the party. Bala and Raman get jealous seeing the party. Ishita gets a chance to pull their leg. Shitija asks Kiran to give her some responsibility too. Kiran asks her to keep the rings and get that to the court. Kiran handles her well. Mihika tells everyone about Bala’s bachelors party. The ladies laugh on Raman and Bala. Raman doesn’t want to forgive Mani for ruining the party. Ishita hopes everything will get fine after Kiran comes home. The family does preparations.

Ishita tries to meet Rishi. Bala and Kiran head for the court for marriage. The family also accompanies them. While Bala and Kiran get married in court, Ishita leaves to meet Rishi to know Nikhil’s truth. Raman worries on finding Ishita is missing. Everyone gets happy for Bala and Kiran and wish them. Ishita asks Rishi to tell her about Sujata. Rishi tells her that he has never promised Sujata of a relation. He accepts his mistakes. He tells her that Nikhil and Sujata didn’t had any affair, he was taking care of her. She learns Nikhil’s innocence in Sujata’s matter. Ishita thinks of meeting Nikhil.


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