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    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3: Advay makes Chandni jealous. He asks Sasha to wait for some time for marriage. He thinks of breaking Chandni’s heart and romances with Sasha. Chandni gets angry seeing Sasha’s cheap act. She thinks of failing Sasha’s plans. Nani gives suggestions to help Chandni. Sasha and Advay spend some time together. Chandni ruins their moment. Advay sees Chandni present around. He gets too angry on Chandni. He asks her not to get between him and Sasha. Nani asks Sasha to stay in her room. She doesn’t leave Sasha with Advay. Chandni doesn’t get affected by Advay’s rudeness. She finds a moment to create romance.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The women enjoy in the party. Bala and Raman get jealous seeing the party. Ishita gets a chance to pull their leg. Shitija asks Kiran to give her some responsibility too. Kiran asks her to keep the rings and get that to the court. Kiran handles her well. Mihika tells everyone about Bala’s bachelors party. The ladies laugh on Raman and Bala. Raman doesn’t want to forgive Mani for ruining the party. Ishita hopes everything will get fine after Kiran comes home. The family does preparations.


    Everyone in the family prays that Kartik and Manish sort their differences by talking out. Manish gets eager to hear something from Kartik. Kartik feels awkward to talk to Manish, as he has always hurt Manish till now. Manish is ready to wait for some days as his wait has always been long. Kirti tells Naksh that she is very happy, as Manish and Kartik’s misunderstanding and distance will end soon. Kirti feels lucky to have Naksh with her. Kartik surprises Naira to thank her for her big favor on him, by bringing out the truth of his mum. Kartik and Naira spend some time. Kartik compliments her and gifts her an anklet. Naira forgives him.

    Shivay, Omkara and Rudra talk about their life partners. Shivay tells Rudra that age doesn’t matter in a relation, when the person matters to them the most. Rudra shares Bhavya’s age concern. Shivay asks Rudra to go ahead in his relation, if Bhavya really means something to him. Shivay misses Anika dearly and thinks of her. Omkara and Rudra put some light on their relationships and try to learn where their relationship stands and why. They realize its high time they should take a call about their better halves.


    Dayavanti and Gurumaa team up to use all their evil resources and plot against Avni. Dayavanti feels she has seen Avni and doubts. Avni tells Neil that she was about to see someone and missed. They hear about Rangmahal opening up for women, who come to take clay for idol making. Neil realizes Juhi is stuck in a brothel. He feels sad that Avni also went in that hell. He asks her does she realize those dangerous people can do anything. He asks Avni not to risk her life. Avni apologizes to him. Neela asks Aman about his college. Aman lies to her. She realizes Aman is hiding something behind his lies.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Murari is ready to support Anami in her decision, but he feels Anami’s decision can make them win and lose. He thinks he will lose if Anami decides to stay back in Lal Mahal, but Anami will make his upbringing win. Anami calls Murari and tells him that she will not run away, she will fight for her brother. She wants to find Vatsalya’s murderer and get him punished. Murari is happy that Anami has made the decision to do justice with everyone. Anami wants to fight for Vatsalya’s right. She tells Murari that she will return to Banaras with pride. Murari feels proud of her and asks her to be get victorious. Anami goes back to Lal Mahal, answering Vatsalya’s call.


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