Yeh Rishta brings sweet, memorable and funny moments


Naira has shot Rukmani by the real gun in the game. Rukmani doesn’t get hurt by the real bullet and thanks Naira for missing the aim. All the ladies are taken by police, even when Naira tries to explain inspector about the party theme. They all get embarrassed on reaching police station. The ladies were playing Chor police and got to meet real police. Kirti feels responsible for all this. She tells everyone that they all landed in jail because of her kiddish plans. Dadi asks Kirti and Naira not to feel bad.

Rajshri asks them to think of some idea, they should call the men and take help. Dadi says we should tell them the truth. They worry thinking how will they meet their eyes. They get a shock on seeing the boys gang there. They hide their faces. Devyaani says we should run from here, else they will joke on us. The men also don’t want the ladies to know about their arrest. The ladies learn they are also caught by police. Both the gangs get to see themselves and feel awkward.

The men asks the ladies how did they come here. The ladies also ask them why did they get arrest. Kartik and Naira start arguing. Inspector asks all the men and women to stop arguing, and not make a police station a market place. They all didn’t expect to meet this way in a funny and strange situation. They all blame each other and behave like kids. Naksh asks the ladies what did they do that they had to come here. Naira asks him why is he asking them, he should better tell about their bachelors’ party going wrong. Kirti supports Naira. Naksh and Kirti also feel embarrassed. Seeing the similar reasons and stupidities, they all try to help each other and apologize to inspector.


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