Abhi to support Purab in tough times in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi romances with Pragya. He asks her to spend time with him so that they can accomplish the task given by Dadi to them. Pragya turns shy. Abhi plans a romantic time with Pragya. Munni prays for Abhi and Pragya. She wants them to be together. She gets glad thinking Aaliya and Tanu don’t know about Pragya’s truth and so Pragya has no harm from them. Pragya stays safe from Aaliya and Tanu. Munni is sure that Abhi and Pragya will get together and fight with the villains. She feels Abhi and Pragya are like Ram and Sita. She clears her emotions for Abhi, and understands she has no right to love Abhi. Abhi learns about Purab’s house burning in the fire incident.

Abhi gets a huge shock knowing this and gets hurt that Purab didn’t share this with him. He feels Purab didn’t tell him anything thinking it will be a burden on him, but Purab just wanted Abhi and Pragya to be happy. Abhi asks Purab was it a burden if he always called him when he missed his parents, when he shared his heart out thinking Purab is his best friend. He tells Purab that he has always kept friendship, while Purab just did his responsibility towards him. Abhi helps out Purab with all his brotherly rights. Pragya supports Abhi in his decision.


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