Naren gets provoked by Pooja’s decision in Piyaa Albela


Naren gets worried for Supriya and takes a check on her health. He learns she is stable now. Naren’s bitterness keeps angering him and making him more far from his loved ones. Naren feels much hurt emotionally and takes the support of wine. He drinks and thinks of Pooja’s words, how she has saved him from the girls’ trap and got him home. Pooja has done a favor on him again, by saving him from defamation. Naren feels guilty, and angered. He falls in a mixed emotions dilemma. He changes his plan of hurting Supriya. He feels he can’t harm Supriya to trap Pooja. Pooja learns about Supriya’s health fallen in risk.

She tells everyone that she doesn’t know who turns into a danger with Supriya in her absence. She tells she just stays here for few hours as a guest. Pooja proves her innocence in Supriya’s case. She is dealing with Naren just to protect Supriya. She tells them that she will no more stay as a guest and keep an eye on everyone. She ends the formality and declares that she will shift to Vyas mansion. Naren gets a shock knowing her decision, which just fuels his anger. Pooja will be catching Surbhi and Neelima, who are harming Supriya. Harish gets hopeful by Pooja’s move.


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