A new entry to creates waves in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma is annoyed with Kanak. She has made him angry again. Kanak is asked to go to her Maayka for some purpose. Kanak refuses to go. Maasi tells don’t know why does Kanak not wish to go, we are going this for her good. Kanak argues with Uma and asks him why shall she leave from her house. Maasi says its only for few days, some uninvited guests are coming. Uma’s teacher is coming home. Uma tells everyone that they can’t do any mistake till his Guru ji is residing in their house, the saint is very spiritual, and no woman’s shadow should fall on him.

Kanak asks Uma what is this rule, if he has problem with any woman, will he lock all the house women in a room, that Rishi should better stay in a room. Uma asks all the house women to listen and obey his rules. He asks them not to wear any jewelry, so that Rishi Shivmani doesn’t get disturbed by ornamental sound. He tells them that no woman’s laugh or loud sound should fall in Guru ji’s ears, till he stays with them, no woman shall wash their hair. Kanak asks what problem he has with woman’s hair. Uma says no hair should reach him, else his tapasya will be spoiled. Uma poses many restrictions on them. Kanak disagrees with Uma. She looks forward to meet the Rishi.


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