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    Naamkarann: Neil and Avni have a moment. She asks him to sleep peacefully, as they will surely find some way. Avni doesn’t want to see Neil hurt. She thinks to do something and get evidence to help Neil. She feels bad seeing him lost and helpless. She makes a plan to reach Rangmahal by risking her life. Avni reaches the market when Gurumaa’s goons are coming. She provokes the goons to get kidnapped. Gurumaa orders her men to get Avni to Rangmahal. Ballu gets Avni to Rangmahal and throws her in Juhi’s room. Neil wonders where is Avni. He realizes Avni has made this plan to go to Rangmahal and save Juhi. He asks DD how did he allow this to happen. Avni contacts Neil and DD through the audio device. Anika asks him not to get angry on her plan, but she had to do this to end the evil Raavan. Juhi feels sorry for Avni. She thinks of giving the Ganesh idol to Avni.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi apologizes to Ishita. Romi doesn’t want Ruhi to apologize to him. Ishita makes Ruhi apologize to Romi. Ruhi apologizes to him and promises she will never repeat this. Romi forgives her. The family gets together for the Navratri puja. Raman stays annoyed with Ishita and Ruhi. He doesn’t want to have any devotion show up and leaves from the house. Mihika asks him to mend himself for the children. She asks Raman to just think if he is at fault by limiting children so much. She asks Raman to move Ruhi towards her good, by making Ruhi realize her mistake by some other way. Mihika takes Ruhi’s slapping Romi seriously. She stays miffed with Ruhi.

    IPKKND 3:

    Sasha and Maasi plan to make Chandni away from Advay. Maasi tells her that Chandni has the family support with her. They plan to do something that Chandni gets away from Advay forever. Sasha tells Advay that her dad is coming to fix their wedding date. Advay doesn’t want the things to happen so soon. Advay helps out Adi in making a drawing. Adi jokes on him. Sasha too tries her hand in making the drawing. The family laughs on her. Sasha gets angry and raises hand on Adi. Advay stops Sasha. He scolds her for daring to slap Adi. Advay gets upset with Sasha. Chandni takes a stand for Adi too.

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    The men and women start arguing after knowing about the male entertainer and bar dancers. Inspector gets angry on them and leave them free. The families come home and have a laugh on their post party effects. Kartik and Naira have a cute moment. She asks him to arrange for mehendi function. Everyone worries for their clothes. Naksh shares the good news of his luxury hotel approval. He tells them that he will go and come back soon. The family doesn’t allow him to go. Naitik permits Naksh to go, but along with Kirti, so that she feels special by Naksh’s gesture. Naksh agrees.


    Anika and Gauri come up with a plan to make Suman escape. Gauri and Anika run away and find Suman. Shivay feels Anika is in some problem. Shivay doesn’t like any ring for Anika. He then checks some other rings. He doesn’t see Anika’s missed calls. Rudra and Bhavya face some problem when the train derails. Bhavya feels someone is following her. Anika and Gauri make Suman hide. Anika takes the bride’s place and saves Suman. Gauri tries to get some help. She calls Omkara, but he doesn’t answer. Anika reaches the mandap. Gauri worries and goes to get a solution. Anika keep calling Shivay. She falls in problem. She opposes the marriage. The villagers get angry seeing Anika in Suman’s place. Shivay checks the missed calls and worries for Anika. He fears she is in any problem. Anika and Gauri find the solution and escape on a two wheeler.


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