TGI Friday’s Spoilers


    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Uma tells Kanak about Devi Saraswati puja. Maasi tells about Devi Saraswati, who is a symbol for education and teachings. Kanak asks Uma why is he praying to Devi Saraswati, when he himself can’t allow a girl to pursue education. Kanak says if men had only the rights to study, why would Devi Saraswati be preached. She asks him why is he limiting Suman from education. Kanak’s question leaves Uma and Maasi speechless. Uma takes a decision to allow Suman for her studies. Kanak shows the right path to Uma by a clear justification. Kanak tells him that she knows everything about Devis and Devtas. Uma gets impressed by Kanak’s knowledge.

    Ishq Mein Marjawan:
    Deep has fallen in love with Aarohi. He has lost his heart and senses on seeing her. Deep doesn’t see his way and hurdles. He follows Aarohi. He collides with people. Aarohi doesn’t see him. Deep is a business tycoon. He likes the simple and sweet Aarohi.

    Kumkum Bhagya:
    Abhi and Pragya do PDA. Abhi romances her in front of everyone. He enjoys some light moments after a long time. He is happy that Pragya is not distancing herself, as he doesn’t know his real Pragya has come back. Munni has always stayed away from him. Seeing Pragya responding to their cute moments, Abhi turns much happy. He tells Pragya that her place is in his heart.

    Harman and Soumya confess love to each other. Soumya thinks of Harman. His memories make her realize her love. Preeto forces Soumya to sacrifice her life. She threatens Soumya about her family. Soumya fears Preeto will kill her family if she doesn’t listen to her. Soumya agrees to become kinner’s Gurumaa. Harman gets devastated by her decision.


    Dev gets to see his Mahek alive. He gets a big shock. Dev meets with an accident. Meera spots him and takes him to the hospital. Dev recalls seeing Mahek and realizes Mahek is not dead. Dev recovers from the accident. He gets a new case in the hospital. Dev will be solving the kidney theft case.

    Woh Apna Sa:
    Neha and her baby’s life falls in risk after consuming the besan laddoos prepared by Jhanvi. Jhanvi doesn’t know Nisha has added poison in it. Doctor tells them that Neha’s state is critical. Jhanvi feels responsible. Nisha has laid this trap. The family member blame Jhanvi and scold her. Jhanvi cries and tell them that she didn’t do anything. Aditya supports Jhanvi. Nisha wanted to trouble Jhanvi.

    Piyaa Albela:
    Naren and Surbhi plan and trap Pooja in the theft case. Surbhi tells inspector that they have lost important business documents. Naren tells that he doubts Pooja has stolen the files. Surbhi plants the file in Pooja’s room. The file is found in Pooja’s room. She gets arrested by the police. Naren feels he has won in the game.

    Tu Aashiqui:
    Pankti waits for her prince charming to come in her life and save her. Pankti falls in trouble, when JD comes to meet her. She tries to run away. She fails to avoid JD. She collides with Ahaan. Ahaan finds it a strange coincidence. He gets surprised meeting her. Ahaan gets beaten up by JD’s men. Pankti is drawn back to JD’s hell. Ahaan gets his inspiration in Pankti.

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    Kundali Bhagya:
    Preeta fails to get help from Rishabh and Karan. Luthras don’t help her, by Sherlyn and Kareena’s plans. Preeta feels helpless and doesn’t know what to do to free Sarla from the jail.

    Arjun gets panicking thinking about Maya. He wakes up from sleep and tells Saanjh that he is feeling Maya has come back. He doesn’t get a peaceful sleep. He feels Maya is around them. He sees a bad dream of Maya killing Saanjh. He calls security and asks if everything is fine. Saanjh is also very scared and trying to act normal. She doesn’t want Arjun to have any fears.


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