Pinky plans an escape for Shwetlana in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Gauri come up with a plan to make Suman escape. Gauri and Anika run away and find Suman. Shivay feels Anika is in some problem. Shivay doesn’t like any ring for Anika. He then checks some other rings. He doesn’t see Anika’s missed calls. Rudra and Bhavya face some problem when the train derails. Bhavya feels someone is following her. Anika and Gauri make Suman hide. Anika takes the bride’s place and saves Suman. Gauri tries to get some help. She calls Omkara, but he doesn’t answer. Anika reaches the mandap. Gauri worries and goes to get a solution. Anika keep calling Shivay. She falls in problem. She opposes the marriage. The villagers get angry seeing Anika in Suman’s place. Shivay checks the missed calls and worries for Anika. He fears she is in any problem. Anika and Gauri find the solution and escape on a two wheeler.

Jhanvi catches Shwetlana and manages to get the video from her. Shwetlana gives the video. She tells them about the secret painting. Tej doesn’t want her to escape. Shwetlana injures him and runs. Pinky helps Shwetlana in escaping. Pinky asks Shwetlana how can she help her. Shwetlana assures that she will help her when time comes. Rudra falls in trouble. He gets confined and loses Bhavya’s support. He fears Bhavya may also be in some problem. Rudra turns heroic and saves Bhavya. Anika and Gauri succeed in saving Suman, and try to leave far from the village. Shivay tries reaching Anika to help her out.


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