Sasha’s dad to plot against Chandni in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Sasha and Maasi plan to make Chandni away from Advay. Maasi tells her that Chandni has the family support with her. They plan to do something that Chandni gets away from Advay forever. Sasha tells Advay that her dad is coming to fix their wedding date. Advay doesn’t want the things to happen so soon. Advay helps out Adi in making a drawing. Adi jokes on him. Sasha too tries her hand in making the drawing. The family laughs on her. Sasha gets angry and raises hand on Adi. Advay stops Sasha. He scolds her for daring to slap Adi. Advay gets upset with Sasha. Chandni takes a stand for Adi too.

Adi tells Advay that just Chandnid deserves to become Advay’s wife. Chandni tries to explain her worth. Sasha’s dad comes to meet Advay. Chandni comes as the bride and reveals she is Advay’s better half. Sasha’s dad asks Advay to marry Sasha in three days. Advay surprises everyone by agreeing for the marriage. Sasha tells Chandni that she will marry Advay. Chandni tells her that Advay will not believe in her engagement, if he doesn’t believe any rituals.

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Chandni tells Sasha’s dad that this is her Sasural, and Sasha has done wrong planning to marry an already married man. She doesn’t want her rights to go in someone’s hand. Chandni sweetly hits Sasha and her dad by revealing her relation. Sasha gets angry on Chandni. Sasha tells Chandni that Advay is just her love. Chandni and Sasha’s argument anger Maasi. Sasha’s dad gets angry on Chandni. He plans to hurt Chandni.


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