Balwinder to target Harman’s weakness in Shakti


Soumya is going to become kinner’s Gurumaa. Her life is going to change now. Soumya is living her life as per her wish for the final moments. She dresses up as the bride. She will be losing her name. Saaya blesses her. Soumya will be seen in different avatar. Saaya gifts her Gurumaa’s traditional saree and jewelry. Harman learns Soumya has fallen in a new trouble. Soumya is made to vacate the kinner house. Harman angrily comes home to teach a lesson to Balwinder.

Harman beats up Balwinder with a hockey stick. Raavi and everyone try to stop Harman. Harman reminds the last time when he has beaten Balwinder. Balwinder is troubling Soumya. He has got enmity with Harman by making Soumya and all kinners out from the rented house. Balwinder accepts to Harman that he has tried to molest Soumya. He tells Harman that he was present in Soumya’s room that day, he did big mistake. Preeto has played a game and used Balwinder. He doesn’t change and fools Harman. He knows Soumya is Harman’s weakness. He will plan something to target Harman.


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