Shivika’s rasam with a twist: Oberois land in jail in Ishqbaaz

Anika go on her ways Ishqbaaz

Anika and Gauri fall in trouble, when they try to escape with Suman. The villagers catch them. The girls hide in the jungle. The villagers laugh on their over smartness. Anika risks her life to save Suman. The village chief asks Anika to tell where is Suman. Suman apologizes to the villagers. Shivay and Omkara get to hear about the girls who are opposing village head. Anika and Gauri run away to save Suman and their lives. Shivay and Omkara sense they are in problem and look for them.

Anika and Gauri reach the police station to complain about the villager chief. Anika tries to file the FIR to save Suman. Anika’s naughty act makes her land in lockup. Whoever complains about the lady inspector goes inside the lockup. Anika calls Shivay and asks him to come and save her from the police station. Rudra and Bhavya spend some cozy moments. When Shivay and Omkara try to save their partners, they also land inside the lockup. Shivay gets angry on the person who has hurt Anika. Tej and Shakti also come to the police station to save their children. Tej tells inspector that they are the Oberois.

Inspector doesn’t pay heed and puts Tej and Shakti inside the lockup as well. Bhavya and Rudra make a cake together and spend time. The Oberois’ head member Dadi also comes to the police station to save her family. Dadi meets the inspector and recalls she is her childhood friend. Dadi and her friend revive their memories. Dadi keeps Shivay and Anika’s chunri rasam in the police station. Shivay gets sure that his marriage is going to be very happening, as the rasams started from police station. The family rejoices the happy moments. Rudra accepts the fact that Bhavya is older than him. He tells her that he has accepted her flaws, which upsets her. She refuses to share the room with him, and gets to meet Manav. Rudra learns about Bhavya’s friend Manav. Shivay and Anika express love for each other in their style.


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