Avni to tackle Gurumaa and Dayavanti in Naamkarann


Avni attacks Gurumaa after the Durga puja. She asks Gurumaa to release all the girls, else she will burn her alive. Avni points knife at her and pushes her down. She pours oil on her and threatens that she will ignite fire. She gets a fire torch. Avni takes Durga Maa avatar and does not listen to anyone. Dayavanti, Neil and Ali witness this. Avni wants Juhi and all girls to get free. Gurumaa asks Avni to leave her and begs to her. Avni wants to make the place free from Gurumaa’s evil. Avni is ready to kill Gurumaa. Gurumaa has done much crimes in her life and always got free from blames. Avni gets much angry. She recalls the tortures Gurumaa has done on all the girls.

Gurumaa asks Avni not to come close. Police force also arrives in Rangmahal. Avni has fire in her eyes. She tells Ragini pandit that she is the Raavan of Kalyug, just like Dayavanti. She reprimands Gurumaa. She tells her that she will end evil on Dasshera day. She has chosen Vijayadashami day to end their sins. Avni is trying to punish them. Avni takes laws in her hand. She wants to settle scores with Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Avni threatens Gurumaa. Dayavanti thinks of escaping. Gurumaa asks Dayavanti to help her. Dayavanti gets caught by police. Avni then targets Dayavanti.

There comes a twist. Aman hits Neil andd takes gun from him. Aman points gun at Dayavanti and sets Dayavanti free. Dayavanti gets happy and tells that she was sure Aman will come to save her. Avni gets angry and tells Aman that she will not let anyone ruin their lives, Aman has ruined a siblings bond and left her to get sell off. Avni gives him a lecture on relations. Avni tells him that she will take revenge. Aman and Dayavanti push Neil and Avni and run away. Gurumaa fails to escape. Avni follows to catch Dayavanti and Aman. Will she succeed? Keep reading.



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