Shorvori to relive the good times in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Shorvori have a moment. They have a lovely hug. Shorvori is celebrating love for the last time. She cries and hides her tears. She wants to go away from Parth. She decided to spend time with Parth so that she has memories. She can’t tell Parth that she has cancer. She doesn’t want to give him any sorrow.

Parth makes Shorvori wear bangles. He reminds their old moments. Shorvori relives all the golden time. Shorvori fears she won’t be able to meet Parth again. They play their fav song. Shorvori gets coughing. Parth goes to get water. She calls Teni to come fast and cover up her illness from Parth. She fears Parth to know her illness. She takes medicines quickly. Will Parth know her illness? Keep reading.


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