Maya returns in Arjun’s life in Beyhadh


Maya dons a ghunghat and arrives in Dandiya night fest. Arjun and Maya play Dandiya. Arjun sees Maya and catches her. Maya thought none can catch her in Mata Rani mandap. She was celebrating Navratri with Arjun. Arjun gets angry on her and points a gun at her. He suffocates her neck. Maya has much courage.

She smiles when Arjun gets mad on seeing her. Everyone stops Arjun. Arjun has sent Saanjh to London to save her. He doesn’t want Maya to harm his family. Maya doesn’t get scared seeing the gun. Maya wants Arjun’s love. Arjun gets a call about his daughter fallen in trouble and runs off to save her. Maya will make Arjun her puppet again. Arjun and Ayaan make a plan to get rid of Maya. Maya has returned in their lives and now she will start troubling Arjun and Saanjh again.


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