Anami foils Satrupa’s plans in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa tells Daamo that Anami is very sharp and adamant, she doesn’t want to get admission in the international college. Daamo tells her that Anami has gone on her, and she has to think of some way to convince Anami. Dheeru threatens an investor towards cheating Vikram Aditya and giving his shares to Pujan. Dheeru takes the investor on his side.

Satrupa calls a tutor for Anami. The tutor tells Anami that she will change her completely, she will make her look beautiful by feeding in right manners and looks. She gets ready to groom Anami, but Anami has other plans. She agrees to Satrupa to learn from a tutor, which gives tension to Pujan. He gets more tension knowing about the investor backing out. Adhiraj catches Pujan for an enquiry. Pujan tries to prove he is innocent. Anami teaches a lesson to the tutor. Satrupa goes to check on Anami. Anami tells Satrupa that she will change others, but she will not get changed by anyone. The tutor prefers to leave. Pujan gets interrogated by Adhiraj. Pujan tries to show he is a family man, and just cares for Vikram Aditya. He asks Adhiraj to catch him red handed and then question him. Anami gets free from Satrupa’s plans. She wants to annoy Satrupa more. Anami bonds with Vikram Aditya, and makes Dadi happy.


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