High Five Spoilers

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Beyhadh: Ayaan warns Arjun about Maya. He tells Arjun that Maya has added the poison in Aarohi’s chocolate. The family had rushed Aarohi to hospital and got her treated in time. Maya takes nurse’s disguise and comes to give the antidote to Aarohi. Maya gets happy seeing the family in tension, but doesn’t want to kill Aarohi. Arjun gets relieved when Aarohi gets fine. Aarohi asks Arjun not to worry about her, as she has a loving family with her. She tells them that Ayaan also loves her like a dad and she is lucky to have all of them. Ayaan gets emotional and fears for her life.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma’s Guru ji has come home. He agrees to make Saraswati a Sevika for Guru ji. Maasi sends her to market to get few things. Saraswati gets hurt. Everyone asks her about the wound. Saraswati taunts the family that her wounds also changed like her life. She applies salt on her wounds than haldi. She gets more hurt. Kanak will take a stand for Saraswati.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar fails Bhairavi’s plan. Mata ji and Roshni spoil the kitchen and call Pari to ask about the mess. Mata ji asks Pari not to be with Bhairavi. Mata ji scolds Pari. She doesn’t let Bhairavi break their family. Mata ji knows she has to answer in same way to tackle evil. Simar cleans the kitchen and handles the matter. Mata ji calls Bhairavi mad.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja makes an entry in Naren’s life. He has locked her in a room and thought she will not find a way to come out. Pooja manages to break window and come out of the room. She falls over him. Naren was much hurt by Pooja and Supriya. His bitterness has made him stone hearted. Pooja and Naren have a moment. They have a relation of hatred. There is still something that gets them closer. They are away from each other, and still together. Pooja asks why does he still read her eyes. He tells her that it doesn’t matter. Pooja tells him that it matters to her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina is going to fall in big problem, planned by Sameer. Sameer is trying to get friendly with Naina. He has another intention behind this. He is not in love with Naina. His Nana ji got insulted because of Naina. Sameer wants to take revenge from her. Sameer’s friends provoke him against Naina. Sameer gets angry and makes a plan.


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