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    Ishqbaaz: Anika and Shivay get remarried. They have a cute moment. Anika feels bad omen when her bracelet breaks. Shivay joins it and makes her wear it back. He asks her not to worry for anything. Shivay thinks of calling Gauri to get her back home. Omkara gets mistaken about Gauri, that she is cheating on him. Shivay gets the chit by some mysterious girl, who gives him a warning. He thinks of meeting the person to know who is trying to harm his family.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga gets permission from Yashpal to participate in the race. Sanjay thinks of surprising Durga. He goes to cheer her and encourage her for the race. Brij faces the anger of villagers again, when they see Yashpal taking Durga for the race. Dadi feels Yashpal has gone mad. Amrita waits for Durga at the stadium. Sanjay strives to reach the stadium, but Gayatri’s goons stop him. Sanjay gets kidnapped. He fails to support Durga. Yashpal and Amrita stand by Durga. Yashpal gives a final chance to Durga. The villagers get angry on Brij and punish him for making false promises to them. Durga’s running becomes a big problem for the family.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa tells Daamo that Anami is very sharp and adamant, she doesn’t want to get admission in the international college. Daamo tells her that Anami has gone on her, and she has to think of some way to convince Anami. Dheeru threatens an investor towards cheating Vikram Aditya and giving his shares to Pujan. Dheeru takes the investor on his side.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita tries to tell Raman about Parmeet’s lies. Raman plans an outing with family. Mani and Shagun have dinner with Bhallas after many days. Mrs. Bhalla gifts gold to Parmeet on Navratri. She tries to show equality. Raman gets motivated and reconciles with Ruhi. He apologizes to her and asks her to join his company again. Ruhi joins his company. The family has a union. Ishita feels good days are finally coming back. Raman and Shagun get happy that Ruhi got over Nikhil. Nikhil goes to meet Ruhi. Shagun tells him that Ruhi hates him, she has realized that Raman is right. She asks him to stay away from Ruhi. Nikhil realizes Raman has framed him in the false case.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay wonders where did Chandni go. Sasha hides Chandni in the freezer. She lies to him that Chandni have got heartbroken and left from the house. Sasha and her dad try to cover up their crime. Nani helps Advay realize his love for Chandni. Advay gets thinking of Chandni. Chandni does the ghost drama and scares Sasha further. Sasha feels its her guilt that she is hallucinating Chandni. Chandni tells Sasha that once she admits all her crimes, she will be free. Sasha admits her crimes, which Chandni records in the camera. Chandni tells Sasha that she didn’t die, this was her plan to trap and expose her. Sasha gets angry on Chandni. She thinks of finding some way to fool Advay.


    Avni succeeds to fill courage in the girls and makes them fight with the goons. Avni rescues Juhi and other girls. Aman runs away from Neela’s clutches. He calls Dayavanti and alerts her about Neil. Gurumaa looks for the girls. Neela tells Neil’s family how Aman has been cheating them till now. Avni asks Juhi to take other girls out and goes to rescue Ali. Neil, DD and the team, enter Rangmahal to rescue the people caught in. Gurumaa and Dayavanti find Juhi and other girls, and catch them back.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira learn the crisis of pilot getting unconscious. Kartik asks the attendant not to inform anyone, else they will panic. He asks Manish to try and fly the plane. Manish tells Kartik that he haven’t flew any plane since long. Kartik tells them that Manish is a licensed pilot. Kartik shows his belief in Manish. Manish turns helpful in the hour of need. He succeeds to fly the passenger plane. Naira tells everyone that Manish is flying the plane, as the pilot fell unconscious. Everyone shows belief in Manish, knowing he is helping everyone. Naira and Naksh takes Manish’s side, when the passengers panic. Kartik stays with Manish. Manish manages to get the plane out of the storm. They all get saved. Pilot thanks Manish for saving them. Kartik feels proud of Manish.


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