Naksh and Kirti’s have a mid-air haldi in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh and Kirti’s haldi gets celebrated in the flight. Manish manages to fly the plane and save everyone from a disaster. Naksh and Kirti’s mid air haldi ceremony becomes special. Everyone dances in the function. Dadi and Bhabhimaa apply haldi to Kirti and Naksh. They all celebrate haldi, when their plan to go to Kuldevi temple fails. The haldi becomes interesting and entertaining.

Naksh and Kirti’s adventurous haldi becomes different. Naira tells them that it will be very memorable. The flight couldn’t take them to their destination. Naira had to this idea to decorate the flight and make arrangements for the haldi ceremony. Naira always helps by going an extra mile. Naksh is very happy that haldi ceremony has happened, and everyone is happy. Naira and Kartik have a romantic moment. He compliments her smartness and intentions to keep the family happy. They also dance with everyone and raise the happiness.


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