Durga loses the district race in Meri Durga


Gayatri lets Sanjay reach the stadium, so that he can break Durga’s focus. She acts like helping him, but she uses him against Durga. Durga thinks of proving that her love is not her weakness. Durga runs in the finals and leads, but she loses her focus when she sees an injured Sanjay. Gayatri gets happy with Durga’s failure. Durga loses the finals, breaking hopes of Yashpal and Sanjay. She gets dejected by losing. Yashpal tells her that he knew Sanjay is distracting her, and his love is just a barrier in her success.

Yashpal gets angry on Durga for failing to everyone’s expectations. Aarti wins the finals. The family gets upset with Yashpal for supporting Durga and going against them. Durga apologizes to everyone for failing in race. She tells Sanjay that she has lost the chance to win Yashpal’s trust. She feels everything got finished. She tells him that he is her weakness and its proved now. She gets away from him. Sanjay gets sad. She tells him that he is not her life’s goal, as she is an athlete. She doesn’t listen to him. She refuses to his love. Sanjay worries by her decision. Durga rejects Sanjay. He gets heartbroken. Durga’s family faces humiliation again.


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