Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Dheeru strikes a deal for Royal Steels


Satrupa calls the principal home, who apologizes to Anami and requests her to attend college. Anami humbly requests him to forgive her, as this is her decision. She doesn’t want to attend college. She sticks adamant. She tells Satrupa that her smile doesn’t suit her. She doesn’t want Satrupa to get happy. Satrupa blackmails her. Anami doesn’t agree. Dadi asks Anami to join the college and polish her skills. On Dadi’s insistence, Anami agrees to go ahead with time and accept the changes. She thinks to secure her family’s future. She takes admission in the college. Kamini thinks of alerting Pujan. Dada ji wants some way to save Royal steels.

Dheeru calls him up and tries to offer a solution to save Royal steels. Dada ji meets Dheeru, who gives him a good deal to take over Royal steels shares and save it from sinking. Dheeru has interest in favoring Dada ji, as he heartily loves him. He acts as if he is just doing a business deal. Dada ji gets upset that Dheeru is blackmailing him and ruining their relations. He knows Dheeru can never give his shares to anyone else. Dheeru tells him that he is not loyal to anyone now. He asks Dada ji to take a call. Anami bonds with Dadi. Dadi sees Vatsalya in her. Pujan tells Kamini that he will stop Anami from studying in college, and the good part is she will not be safe outside the house. Anami asks Satrupa not to act like her mother. She insults Satrupa. Avdhoot plans to rag Anami and break her confidence.



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