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    Naamkarann:Dayavanti asks Neil to choose either of Avni or everyone else. She asks Neil to decide fast. Gurumaa tells Neil that he can’t take Juhi with him, as she is now Meher of her Rangmahal. She tells him that she has made her beautiful and she has worked hard on her. Avni loses hope and tells Dayavanti that she will stay back to save everyone. She sees Neil wishing to save Juhi. She asks Neil to let her go, as Dayavanti and Gurumaa will not get quiet. Dayavanti asks Neil did he choose Juhi. Neil tells her that just good will win over evil. She tells her that he will save all the innocent girls. Avni tells Neil to see his law, the criminals are still on loose, no laws are able to stop them, how can laws harm them.

    Meri Durga:

    Gayatri lets Sanjay reach the stadium, so that he can break Durga’s focus. She acts like helping him, but she uses him against Durga. Durga thinks of proving that her love is not her weakness. Durga runs in the finals and leads, but she loses her focus when she sees an injured Sanjay. Gayatri gets happy with Durga’s failure. Durga loses the finals, breaking hopes of Yashpal and Sanjay. She gets dejected by losing. Yashpal tells her that he knew Sanjay is distracting her, and his love is just a barrier in her success.


    Shivay refuses to identify Anika. He introduces Tania as his wife. The family gets a huge shock on hearing this revelation. Shivay’s decision doesn’t go well. Anika tells the family that Tania is blackmailing Shivay and he is helpless to do this drama. Omkara tells her that Shivay can’t get blackmailed by anyone. Anika shows her belief in Shivay. She goes and confronts Shivay. She asks him how did he get Tania in life in just 15 days, and how did he change so much. Shivay acts totally ignorant of her. Anika doesn’t listen to him. He asks Anika to stay away from him and his wife.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naksh and Kirti get engaged mid air. Kirti gets shy. Kartik pulls her leg. Naira separates Naksh and Kirti for the haldi rituals. The family celebrates their haldi with all the enthusiasm. Naksh and Kirti are not allowed to meet till marriage. Kirti thanks Naira for all her ideas to save the day. Everyone enjoys the rasams. Kartik and Naira spend some romantic moments in the flight. She thanks him for always being supportive. Kartik thanks her for valuing his love. Kartik gets to see Naksh’s video, but fails to hear her in flight. Naira asks him to see video later.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi thinks of dropping kids to school. Ruhi tells Adi that she has to talk to Pooja about Riya. Adi asks her to go and pick Riya. Raman tells Shagun that Nikhil has tried to meet Ruhi. Shagun tells him that Nikhil has doubt that he has framed him. She asks him not to let Ruhi meet him, else she will know he has framed Nikhil. Adi finds Raman worried. Raman tells Adi that he has problem with Nikhil. Adi tells him that Ruhi has gone to pick Riya. Raman worries on knowing that Ruhi has gone to meet Nikhil.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay confronts Chandni for making his family away from him. He tells her that her parents defamed his parents and killed them. Chandni learns the reason of his hatred. She feels she can’t reach his heart before she ends his hatred. She tries to clear the misunderstandings. She goes to meet Yash and get her answers. She tries to make him speak up the past. She asks Yash to help her by telling the truth.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa calls the principal home, who apologizes to Anami and requests her to attend college. Anami humbly requests him to forgive her, as this is her decision. She doesn’t want to attend college. She sticks adamant. She tells Satrupa that her smile doesn’t suit her. She doesn’t want Satrupa to get happy. Satrupa blackmails her. Anami doesn’t agree. Dadi asks Anami to join the college and polish her skills. On Dadi’s insistence, Anami agrees to go ahead with time and accept the changes. She thinks to secure her family’s future. She takes admission in the college. Kamini thinks of alerting Pujan. Dada ji wants some way to save Royal steels.


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