Durga to break up with Sanjay in Meri Durga


Durga breaks up with Sanjay. He gets heartbroken by her decision. She chooses her family and dreams over love. He finds her selfish to think for herself and make him away regarding him her weakness. She tells him that their love is her weakness. She wants to go ahead in life and focus on career. She doesn’t want to have any relation with Sanjay. Durga’s family faces humiliation once again. Durga tells Sanjay that she belongs to her family first, she has many responsibilities and she can’t be selfish to think of her love. She calls it off. Sanjay asks Durga not to leave him. He loses Durga and her love.

Durga’s family gets punished by panchayat again. Yashpal learns Brij’s humiliation in the panchayat. Dadi blames him for supporting Durga and not caring for family. She asks him not to get blind after Durga. Durga feels she has lost in Yashpal’s eyes. She fears to meet his eyes. Amrita saves Durga from an accident. Sanjay tells Gayatri that Durga has left him and rejected to his love. Gayatri asks him to open eyes and think of his family, Durga has chosen her family over him. Sanjay can’t stop thinking of Durga. He feels hurt. Gayatri asks him to take responsibilities in hand and manage family.


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