Juhi takes a decision about Neil in Naamkarann


Aman hits Neil and takes the situation on his side. Aman threatens to kill him. Dayavanti gets glad with Aman and tells Avni that Aman is her blood and he will just take her side, whatever happens. She asks Aman to kill Avni and end the fight. Shockingly, Aman changes his side and saves Avni’s life from Dayavanti. Avni pours kerosene on Gurumaa and threatens her to get all the girls released. Gurumaa worries for her life. She releases all the girls. Aman, Neil and Avni manage to burn Rangmahal and escape on time.

After getting back home, Avni gets emotional while talking to Juhi. Juhi gets headache. Avni asks her to sit, she will get a balm. Avni drops the sindoor box by mistake. Juhi catches it and gives the sindoor to Avni. Avni asks Juhi why is she worried. She asks Juhi to share what’s bothering her. Avni becomes her good friend. Juhi tells her that Neil and Avni are made for each other, and she knows her place in Neil’s life. She asks Avni never to think that she can come in between them. Juhi says she has no feelings for Neil now. She tells Avni that Neil is just of him, and she just wishes them to be happy. Avni thanks Juhi.


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