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Neil and Avni have come back home safely. The family celebrates their return. Neela invites them home. Neela throws a party to welcome Avni home. Avni has done a big task by saving many girls from Gurumaa. Neil has passed in his mission to end the human trafficking racket. Everyone dances in the celebrations. Neela makes Neil and Avni cut a cake. Avni asks the reason for celebrations. DD says its because Ali has come back alive. Ali’s friendship with Neil and Avni got more stronger. Neil and Avni happily cut the cake. Neil and Avni have a couple dance on a romantic number. Neil confesses his love for Avni.

Piyaa Albela: Naren gets beaten up by few Sardars. The Sardars are actually the girls, whom Naren cheated in business. Naren had gone to meet Pooja, and gets attacked by the girls. He tells them that they can’t harm him, as they are already ruined. The girls hit on his head and trap him in a coffin to bury him alive. Pooja rescues Naren.

Santoshi Maa:
Dhairya refuses to send Santoshi’s body. He believes Santoshi Maa will give her a new life. He sits in temple and prays to Santoshi Maa to return Santoshi’s life, else he would be giving up his life. Dhairya chants Santoshi Maa’s name and gets adamant to get Santoshi’s soul from Yamraj. Prabal hides in Asur lok and gets out of reach from Santoshi Maa.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Everyone wants to know when will Naitik come in the marriage. Naksh is much upset. He wants to be with Naitik. Kartik misunderstands Naksh’s reason of sorrow. He tells Naira that he doesn’t want Naksh to marry Kirti unwillingly. He says its better to call off this marriage. Naira tries to stop Kartik.


Shivay and Anika get a video of the fire incident in Kalyani Mills. He believes his family is behind this and someone from his family is using Tania to fulfill some motive. Shivay shares the matter with Anika. He tells her that he is acting to not identify her because of this matter. He has to save his family respect. Tania is keeping an eye on him. Shivay realizes Tania is around. He secretly talks to Anika. Anika gets happy knowing Shivay is doing a drama. They have a romantic moment.



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