Ishita to bridge between Raman and Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Simmi and Kiran get into an argument. Simmi doesn’t forget the blame Kiran has put on Parmeet. She gives a gift for Shitija. She insults Kiran. Kiran refuses to take the gift and dumps it. On the other hand, Ruhi learns the truth that Raman has ruined her relationship with Nikhil. She confronts Raman for ruining her life. Raman feels guilty and apologizes to her. Raman accepts everything. Ruhi gets devastated to know Raman’s bad deed. Ishita tells Raman that she didn’t say anything to Ruhi. Ruhi feels sorry for his thinking to ruin someone’s image. Raman’s evil plan makes him fall in her eyes.

Ruhi asks the reason for his hatred towards Nikhil. She feels Nikhil was not wrong and Raman has been wrong all the time. She asks Raman to realize the favors Nikhil did on them. She defends Nikhil. Raman’s thinking looks cheap. She asks Raman to atleast find a reason to express his dislike for Nikhil. Raman falls in his own eyes. Ruhi tells him that she hates him. She gets angry on Ishita for hiding this from her. Ruhi tells them that Raman’s step has ruined even Riya’s life as well. She asks them not to interfere in her life again. Raman explains his stand to Ishita. He doesn’t want Ruhi to go through a tough time. He tells her that Ruhi is not strong enough to handle complications and he took this step to save her. Ishita asks him to realize that he has done wrong. She consoles him. He feels he has lost Ruhi. She tells him that she will make Ruhi forgive him. Ruhi gets Nikhil home and rebels again.


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