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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Satrupa tries to manage the rumors around Royal Steels. Anami comes home and tells Satrupa how she has earned new enemies in college. She tells her that she cares for herself more. Satrupa fears by Anami’s bad behavior. Adhiraj learns Anami is really Baldev and Satrupa’s daughter. He believes the fact. He learns the news of Dheeru contesting to get partnership in Royal Steels. He goes home to confront Dheeru about his profitable move. He doesn’t want Dheeru to take any step by using the info he provided.


    Shivay learns Anika has gone in darkness. He looks for her. Anika asks Shivay if he will accept that he knows her now. She asks him to accept their relationship. Shivay melts down his heart and hugs her. He accepts that he was doing a drama. Tania follows him to know where is he. She asks him what is he doing. Shivay fools Tania by his clever answers. Anika plans a meet with Shivay to know the matter completely. She takes help from Khanna. She asks him to divert Tania.


    Neil tells Dayavanti that Aman has shown him the safest way to enter Rangmahal. He breaks her trust on Aman. Juhi gets angry on Gurumaa, who threatens her about her child. Juhi loses her temper and decides to kill Gurumaa. Dayavanti gets angry on Aman for supporting Avni. Neil asks Aman to decide with whom he wants to be. Dayavanti doesn’t let Aman go.

    Aman doesn’t want to die. He surrenders to Neil. Juhi stabs Ragini and takes revenge from her. She ends the tortures. Aman doesn’t want to side with Dayavanti. This makes her against Aman as well. She tries to shoot down Aman, but Avni saves Aman and gets shot. Gurumaa frees Juhi in her last breath. She tells Juhi that Neil doesn’t love her now, and Neil is of Avni now. She tells Juhi that she will fall lonely. Juhi is happy to be out of the hell.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay meets Indrani to make her realize where she landed because of her crimes. He tells her that she is now lonely and her loneliness will surely break her down. He fulfills his revenge. Advay’s parents’ name get cleared. Indrani’s crimes get revealed to everyone. Dev realizes Chandni has earned his lost respect back. He feels thankful to Chandni. Advay realizes Chandni is not at fault. He feels she has done everything for him. He realizes Chandni’s love for him was much true. He thinks of meeting Chandni.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Simmi and Kiran get into an argument. Simmi doesn’t forget the blame Kiran has put on Parmeet. She gives a gift for Shitija. She insults Kiran. Kiran refuses to take the gift and dumps it. Ruhi learns the truth that Raman has ruined her relationship with Nikhil. She confronts Raman for ruining her life. Raman feels guilty and apologizes to her. Raman accepts everything. Ruhi gets devastated to know Raman’s bad deed. Ishita tells Raman that she didn’t say anything to Ruhi. Ruhi feels sorry for his thinking to ruin someone’s image. Raman’s evil plan makes him fall in her eyes.

    Meri Durga:

    Brij loses his respect in panchayat. Dadi regrets to give birth to Yashpal. She tells him that Brij’s respect got ruined. Yashpal gets shattered on learning the matter. Dadi asks Yashpal who gave him the right to decide the future for everyone. She asks him to realize what they are facing because of Durga. She says he just did a father’s duty and failed in all other duties. Brij humiliates Yashpal and Durga. She gets sad seeing him in a drunken frustrated state. Brij creates a scene after losing his mind. Brij refuses to forgive Durga for this day. He tells Durga that she has succeeded to ruin everyone’s lives.


    Naira requests Naksh to go ahead with the marriage proceedings. She convinces him by asking him to think of Kirti, who is waiting for him. Naksh gets upset. He agrees to get sehra tied by Naira. The family supports Naira. Naira informs Kartik about Naitik’s absence. Kartik supports her. Yash asks Naksh to clear all his dilemmas now. Naksh learns the matter about Naitik in legal trouble. Naira asks him not to delay more. Everyone anxiously waits for baraat.

    Goenkas gets worried when Naira comes alone. They wonder where is the baraat. Kartik feels Naksh didn’t agree to come without Naitik. Naira builds up suspense. Goenkas get happy seeing the baraat.



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