Anika-Shivay’s first Karwachauth gets a twist in Ishqbaaz


Shivay is getting framed by Tania. Anika has kept her first Karwachauth fast for her love and life Shivay. Shivay appreciates Anika’s efforts. Shivay doesn’t know who is against him from his family. He confronts all the family members to know the fire incident happened 25 years ago in Kalyani Mills. The family members try to hide the matter from Shivay. Shivay gets a call which makes Tej worry that Shivay can know about the secret. Shakti and Pinky also panic. They all don’t want Shivay to know their evil deed. Pinky and Tej blame each other. The elders know the incident, but conceal it.

On the other hand, Dadi gives Sargi to Anika. Dadi wants to celebrate Anika’s Karwachauth in a good way. All the women have kept the Karwachauth fast. Anika is also acting along with Shivay. Anika doesn’t want Tania to know that Shivay and she got together in tackling her. Tania says Anika is not of our family and she won’t be keeping any fast. Anika maintains her lie. Tania doesn’t want to harm Anika. She is following someone’s orders to separate Anika and Shivay. Anika learns Shivay has also kept a fast for her. Anika doesn’t want to let Tania succeed in spoiling their big day.

Dadi asks Shivay to stay at home, as its Anika’s Karwachauth fast. She says Anika will be doing puja and keeping fast for him. Anika asks Dadi to leave it, Shivay has no time for her. Dadi asks Shivay to keep himself free in evening, as he has to break Anika’s fast. Shivay plans to secretly meet Anika and break her fast. Tania keeps a watch on them. Tania is acting as Shivay’s wife. She forces Anika to have food, to break her fast. She tries much to break Anika’s fast. Anika is also sharp and realizes her plan. She acts and tells Tania that she will have the food in her room. She takes the food and goes to kitchen to keep it. Tania lies that she has kept a fast for Shivay. Tania fails to break Anika’s fast.


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