A Catholic Wedding for Neil and Avni in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Avni gets on her knees and proposes Neil for marriage. Neil accepts her proposal and happily hugs her. Avni slips and falls in danger. Neil saves her life once again. They meet at the place where they met for the first time. Neil and Avni will be having a Catholic wedding. Shweta has planned their wedding. Avni looks like a fairy as a Catholic bride.

Everyone compliments Avni for looking beautiful in a white gown. Avni wanted to surprise Neil. Neil holds Avni’s hand and takes her on the stage. Neil proposes her. Everyone cheers for the couple. Neil gets a call and shockingly leaves from the place. Avni and entire family don’t know what’s happening. Avni gets a shock. Things get spoiled. Neil was called by Juhi for an emergency. Neil has left Avni in middle of the wedding for Juhi. Will Juhi come between Avni and Neil? Keep reading.


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