Family Feud: Shagun to teach a lesson to Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

Ruhi gets Nikhil home to give him a shelter, as Nikhil lost his house because of Raman’s planned defamation. She feels guilty for Raman’s doings. She argues with almost every family member. She takes a stand for Nikhil. She confronts Raman and Romi for framing Nikhil. Romi denies everything. Ruhi’s behavior irks the family members. Adi angrily goes to beat Nikhil, who is the cause of all problems. Ruhi tells them that she will live in with Nikhil, and whoever has a problem can leave. Everyone explains her that they will find a house for Nikhil and help him. Ruhi tells them that Nikhil’s name got spoiled, and none wants to help him now. She wants Raman to see his mistake in front of him. Parmeet suggests Nikhil can stay with him. He offers a solution. Ruhi thanks Parmeet for helping in tough time. Parmeet solves the problem for Bhallas. Raman feels ashamed by Ruhi’s doings.

Ishita feels Parmeet can never change and he is upto something. Simmi argues to defend Parmeet, as he has helped Bhallas again. Simmi is proud that Parmeet has turned helpful. Parmeet gives shelter to Nikhil. He tells Nikhil that he has not done any favor on him, he values true love and that’s why he is supporting him. He asks Nikhil to explain Raman how much he loves Ruhi. He tells him that Raman will accept him soon.

Nikhil gets motivated and thinks of meeting Raman. Raman and Adi stay upset with Ruhi. Aaliya asks Adi to support Ruhi in such time. Ishita thanks Aaliya for talking to Adi about Ruhi. She asks Adi to understand Ruhi, she is much hurt because of Raman’s mistake. Adi agrees to support Ruhi. Ishita tells him that they will make everything fine with time.

Ruhi insults Raman for framing Nikhil. Shagun loses her cool and slaps Ruhi. She can’t tolerate Ruhi insulting Raman, getting blind in love. She threatens to ruin Nikhil. She asks Ishita not to spoil Ruhi. She warns Ruhi against her misbehavior. Shagun asks Ruhi not to dare go against them. Ishita tells Shagun that Ruhi will rebel now. Shagun tells her that she has not fed discipline in children. She asks her to be strict with Ruhi. Raman feels Shagun is right. Ishita apologizes to Ruhi on Shagun’s behalf. Ruhi informs Nikhil that she won’t meet him. Parmeet tries to help Nikhil. Simmi lies to everyone and takes Ruhi to meet Nikhil. Shagun gets angry on Simmi for supporting Ruhi.


  1. I think this time Shagun is right. Ruhi is acting too much she is not grown up to take her own decision and ask her family to leave the house for nikhil and even nikhil is not trying to make her understand her mistake. Ruhi is copy of Raman in everything. Both never use their brain


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