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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi gets Nikhil home to give him a shelter, as Nikhil lost his house because of Raman’s planned defamation. She feels guilty for Raman’s doings. She argues with almost every family member. She takes a stand for Nikhil. She confronts Raman and Romi for framing Nikhil. Romi denies everything. Ruhi’s behavior irks the family members. Adi angrily goes to beat Nikhil, who is the cause of all problems.

    Ruhi tells them that she will live in with Nikhil, and whoever has a problem can leave. Everyone explains her that they will find a house for Nikhil and help him. Ruhi tells them that Nikhil’s name got spoiled, and none wants to help him now. She wants Raman to see his mistake in front of him. Parmeet suggests Nikhil can stay with him. He offers a solution. Ruhi thanks Parmeet for helping in tough time. Parmeet solves the problem for Bhallas. Raman feels ashamed by Ruhi’s doings.


    Aman blames Dayavanti for turning him into a bad person. He threatens of killing Dayavanti. Neil asks him not to do the crime. Aman doesn’t agree and decides to go ahead to punish Dayavanti. Aman burns her alive. Neil and Avni feel evil ended. Avni succeeds in keeping Aisha’s thinking alive. Aman admits all his mistakes. He apologizes to Avni. Neela learns what Aman did and praises him for admitting his mistakes and rectifying. Neil’s family waits for Neil and Avni.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Adhiraj and Dheeru get into an argument. Adhiraj hates him for using him for his greed. He tells Dheeru that he is not less than a criminal. Dheeru loses his cool. He slaps Adhiraj for his words. Adhiraj gets saddened. He heads to meet Anami, who has understood him. Adhiraj calls Anami and asks her to meet him. Anami asks him if he has to spy again. She refuses to meet him. Adhiraj convinces her to meet. He deals with his sorrows. He lightens his heart and wishes to hear something good from her. Anami’s words give him peace and also guides him. Anami tells Adhiraj that her foster parents told her the truth at a tender age, and never cheated her.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay becomes Chandni’s Dev. He tracks her down, when she gets away from him. He tells Chandni that he has come to take her along. She tries to leave from his life. He professes his love for Chandni. Advay proposes her in a filmi manner. He tells her that if she goes, she will find him everywhere, she can’t go away from him. He admits his mistakes to trouble her, even when she was not guilty. He apologizes to her for his mistakes. Chandni doesn’t respond to him. He tells her that he is strange according to her, and he just wants to spend his life with her. He leaves the decision to her. Chandni doesn’t let him get away. Chandni accepts his proposal. They have a cute romantic moment. They sort all their differences.


    Naira learns that Naksh is marrying Kirti just for her sake. She feels shattered to know Naksh has sacrificed his happiness. Naira sheds tears. Kartik pulls a prank on Kirti. Kirti beats him for his bad joke. Yash tells Naira that they can’t tell this to anyone, as this truth can break the relations between both families. He tells her that this marriage is a link between Goenkas and Singhanias. Yash tells her that they have to find Naksh soon. Naira fears to share the matter with Kartik.


    Anika reminds Shivay their vows. She tells him how much she loves him. She begs him to share the problems with her. Shivay agrees to share the matter. Shivay and Anika manage to fool Tania. Shivay shows the video of Kalyani Mills, by which he was blackmailed. He tells Anika that none from their family were present in the mills at the time of the incident. Pinky knows they have bribed the officer to make the false report. Shivay shows the video where Tej and Shakti are seen entering the mills. He fears that either of them can get trapped in the case.


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