Sameer decides to avoid Naina In Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai


Naina asks Sameer why did he prove she is a liar. Sameer asks her to see how she has ruined him by her half truth. He says you have proved that I m a thief, without knowing the truth, you could have come to me and ask me the matter clearly. They both get annoyed with each other. Later, Sameer is scared when Raksha bandhan comes. He fears Naina can tie him the rakhi. He has a liking for Naina. His friends make fun of Naina. Sameer knows they are indirectly teasing him and plays along to make them quiet. Sameer acts like Naina and they laugh. They call Naina a crying heroine. Sameer says he has taken the challenge to get Naina. His friend says Naina is different, she will not get convinced, Sameer will get old to get her, then his love story will end.

Sameer’s friends tell him that Naina will tie him the rakhi. Sameer doesn’t believe this. They bet on this and dance to tease him. Sameer asks them not to day dream. Sameer says I m sure Naina likes me, why will she tie rakhi to him. His friend says her dad will ask her to do this and she will obey her dad, she doesn’t do anything against her family. They suggest few things to make him hide from Naina on Raksha bandhan day. Sameer makes a mind to avoid Naina for a day. What will Sameer do now? Keep reading.



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