Chakor to protect Suraj from Ranvijay in Udaan

Udaan: Chakor gets in dilemma over Raghav's truth

Chakor is helpless and not able to meet Suraj. She can’t inform him about Ranvijay. Ranvijay gets angry on Chakor and asks who has called her, how did she get the phone. Ranvijay insults Chakor and his family also. He tells them that he will make them speak up the truth. He doesn’t want Chakor to contact anyone in her family, as he has fallen in love with Chakor. He is seeing a future with her. Ranvijay punishes the family to eat spicy chillies. He feels his family has helped Chakor in calling home. Constable helps Chakor by giving her a mobile. He angrily beats up the constable. Chakor stops his madness.

Ranvijay gets an urgent call and tells them that he will come back and find out about the call. The family sympathizes with the constable. Chakor feels guilty to put many people in trouble. Chakor knows Ranvijay wants to kill Suraj to take revenge from Bhaiya ji. She doesn’t want Suraj to become target of anyone’s evil mind. Chakor informs Suraj that his life is in danger, but she fails to tell him about Ranvijay’s motives. Ranvijay threatens Chakor not to try to leave from his house again. He doesn’t know his family is supporting Chakor.


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