Paulmi to create a misunderstanding in Tu Sooraj…


Uma misunderstands Kanak because of Paulmi. Kanak tells Uma that she didn’t complaint against him, whatever he has seen is wrong. Paulmi has dressed up as Kanak and went to police station to complain against Uma, who is torturing Saras by making her Sevika. Paulmi has misled Uma. Uma gets upset with Kanak. He asks her how many games will she play, why did she complain against him, he has read her name in the FIR, why did she organize Krishna Leela then.

He tells her that this time she can’t send him to jail in Ladno, like she has sent him to jail in Pushkar. He says I will not tolerate anything this time, Dharm is everything for me, and Saras is ready to become Sevika. He tells her that her attempts to move him off from Dharm will go waste, Saras will become Sevika tomorrow and she can’t stop him. Kanak tells him that whatever she does, its known to him. She swears that she didn’t go out of the house today, and she is innocent. Uma asks her not to drag their pure relation in her fake blame. Kanak has to prove herself innocent and also stop Saras from becoming Sevika. Police arrives to arrest Uma. Kanak takes a stand for Uma and stops his arrest.


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