Shivay and Anika to keep a secret Karwachauth in Ishqbaaz

Anika go on her ways Ishqbaaz

Anika and Shivay discuss the Kalyani Mills case. They hide their togetherness from Pinky. Anika tries to ask Dadi about her children, to know about her hospital visit. Shivay and Anika realize the hospital reports maybe fake and the video can be true.

Bhavya meets Abhay, who knows her well, but tries to act. She confronts him for trapping her in the fraud case. Abhay denies all the blames. Abhay offers her help instead. Shivay finds Omkara broken up. Omkara is happy that Shivay and Anika is together even in bad times. Shivay tells him how true love makes a relation stronger. Shivay reveals about sending Gauri in English classes, as she wanted to become suitable for him. Omkara doesn’t care for her language. Shivay tells him that his ignorance towards Gauri failed him as a husband. He makes Omkara realize his mistakes, where he went wrong in the relationship. Omkara admits that he did many mistakes. Shivay asks him to rectify his mistakes. Omkara tells him how Gauri is ignoring him. Shivay asks him to find Gauri and convince her. Omkara misses Gauri badly. He decides to get Gauri back. Omkara takes a Sardar’s disguise and new identity to meet Gauri. Gauri stays with her mother in Bareilly. She lies about Omkara and her relation. She praises Omkara.

Bhavya faces humiliation in the society. Everyone tags her a traitor. Bhavya gets removed from her society. Bhavya wonders who has enmity towards her. Shivay confronts the family about the Mills incident. They succeed to hide the matter from Shivay, knowing everything will end if the truth gets revealed. Dadi unwillingly gives the Sargi to Tania. Anika asks Dadi not to feel bad. Dadi gives her a Sargi as well. Dadi doesn’t want Anika to get sad. Anika keeps the Karwachauth fast. Anika and Shivay have a cute moment. Tania doubts on them. They get in tension. Shivay gets prepared to lie to Tania. Anika hides in the bathtub and manages to fool Tania. Shivay cares for Anika. Anika finds him sweet. Tania asks her boyfriend to meet her, and warns against withdrawing support. Dadi asks Shivay to be at home and spend time with Anika. Anika lies that she is not fasting. Tania tries to break Anika’s fast, but Anika fails her attempts.



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