Neil to reveal a shocking truth in Naamkarann


Neil gets moved by Juhi’s truth, when she seeks help from him to find her daughter. Avni tells Shweta that Neil has gone to meet Juhi. Shweta tells how Neil has bounded himself in Juhi’s absence, he was failing in life, and she was afraid that he is sinking in sorrow, but Neil stood up to get justice for Juhi and joined police. She says Neil always wanted a simple life, but he joined police force to help people get justice. She tells Avni about Neil’s case, against Ananya Verma, how Neil used to sink in work and keep himself busy. Shweta reveals how Neil was impressed by Ananya Verma and wished to meet her.

Shweta tells her that Neil fell in love with Ananya Verma, and then married her, when his mum was against the marriage. She tells Avni that she is the one for Neil, they met by fate, Avni is Ananya Verma, who always helped Neil, even when she was not in his life, she got Neil out of his depression. She thanks Avni for always saving Neil. She tells Avni that Neil got the ring for her to confess his love to her. She asks Avni to forgive her and help her make a new start in their relation. Avni too gets ready to start fresh with Neil. Shweta gets happy with her decision.

Avni meets Neil at the place where they first met. Avni confesses her feelings to Neil. She doesn’t listen to his worries. Neil tries to share the truth Juhi told him. Avni proposes to Neil with love. Juhi has told him about their daughter, whose life is in danger. Avni asks Neil will he accept her. Neil reveals to Avni about Juhi and his daughter, who is in big danger. Avni gets a shock on hearing it. The family prepares a surprise wedding plan for Neil and Avni. Juhi longs for her daughter. Neil tells Avni that his past has come in between them again. Neil leaves the decision on Avni to decide. Avni decides to support Neil in all times.



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