Abhay turns out to be an Oberoi in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Tania happily does the karwachauth rituals with Abhay. He breaks her fast. She longs to be with him. He explains her that he has to fulfill his motives. He tells her that his dad is also an Oberoi. Abhay is also Oberoi blood. He reveals to her that his dad Vishal was never paid for his efforts, he was kicked out of the business, as he was against Tej and Shakti’s crimes. Vishal wanted to fight for the families met with the tragedy. Abhay tells her how they all made Vishal out of the house and business. Abhay also deserved to grow up as an Oberoi, but he lost his rights. He gets determined to settle scores with them, by using Shivay.

Shivay calls up Anika and asks her to keep an eye on the family members, and know who is hiding something. Anika understands his plan. Anika meets Abhay and asks him about his girlfriend. Abhay lies to her. He tells her that he went to temple to pray for Shivay and her. He sympathizes with her. She falls in his words and believes him. Abhay asks Tania to keep an eye on Shivay. He gets angry on her for not knowing about Shivay. He asks her to find out. Tania asks Anika if she has sent Shivay out. Anika tells her that she doesn’t know anything about this. Anika gets a doubt on Tania when she sees her hurt.

Bhavya doesn’t get any job. Her career gets ruined. Bhavya gets a job in a small company. She is asked to sign a contract. She takes the job. Bhavya gets a shock on seeing Rudra as his boss. He tells her that he is taking revenge from her, so he hired her to prove himself. He falls in Bhavya’s eyes. He feels Manav is her husband. He insults her. Rudra starts troubling her.

Tej makes a plan to stay together and know who is the person trying to get their secret out. Abhay is keen to remind them the secret. Abhay talks to Anika about the third partner in Oberoi empire. Anika tells him that Oberois always owned the company. Anika monitors the elders. Abhay asks Tania to stay away. Tania tells him that none knows about Shivay. Tania fails to follow Anika. Anika sees Tej and Shakti taking someone with them. Dadi stops Anika to have a talk. Anika misses to hear Tej and Shakti’s conversation. Tej learns that someone has taken the video evidence against them. Anika understands the elders are hiding something from Shivay.


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